The word ‘chic’ is defined In the Oxford Dictionary as ‘elegantly and stylishly fashionable’. It describes Briony Croft perfectly.

Over the past decade, Briony – Bri to her friends and clients – has established herself as one of Australia’s leading personal image and style consultants. She has helped business leaders, senior executives and professionals develop an individual style that exudes authority, credibility and authenticity.

These were the same qualities we needed to capture in the new Briony Croft brand Identity and website. The new Logotype and BC Logo Marque has an Art Deco quality which lends a classical elegance to a modern, fresh rendering. This is supported by the sophisticated simplicity of Domaine Light in Uppercase for all the headings. The colour palette of copper, carbon and white is both luxurious and modern.

For a website that is all about image, photography and video were always going to have a central place in the design hierarchy. The brand typography and colours reinforce the Briony Croft brand values without distracting from the key visuals.