Brand Strategy

What does your brand mean to your customers? Successful brands know where they want to sit in the hearts and minds of their audience and have a strategy to achieve it. This is the essence of a brand strategy.

Your brand strategy should guide everything from the design of your logo and website to the look and language of your social media feed. If you are launching a new brand, refreshing an old one, about to invest in a new website or marketing campaign, a Hype Inc Brand Strategy is your starting point.

Brand Naming

People refer to brands as being “born” because for many business owners, their brand is their baby. And just like kids, it can be really hard to pick a name. This is the word you want your customers to think and say. If they don’t like it, it’s an expensive mistake that could really harm your baby’s future.

At Hype Inc we love the challenge of finding the perfect name for your new brand, business or product. You can trust us to identify a name that works audibly and visually with your brand position and audience. Importantly, we check the availability of domain names, registered business names, trademarks and IP conflicts, proposed social media handles,

Graphic Design

Sure a brand is much more than a logo, but if done right, it can be a visual abbreviation of everything your brand stands for. Three stripes, a bitten apple, a red kangaroo can pack a lot of meaning.

People do business with brands they trust. Brands that are consistent in the way they look, sound and behave, signal to customers that they are reliable, focused and trustworthy. Brand Identity plays a fundamental role in achieving this consistency and building trust.

A Hype Inc Brand Identity will ensure every contact with your customers, digital and print, reflects and reinforces your brand. We provide a full range of graphic design services, includi

Web design & development

An attractive website is nice. An attractive website that turns browsers into buyers is even better. Good website design isn’t just about making things look pretty, it should entice, engage and hold people on the page.

Hype Inc builds websites on a variety of platforms depending on your goals and budget, from one-page portfolio sites to custom-built business and e-commerce sites. Our prefered platforms are WordPress and Shopify.

We can also help you with sourcing or producing images and video, and writing copy, so your website is a true extension and reflection of your brand.

Social Media Management

Why do you want to be on social media? Are you there to sell products, build brand awareness, communicate with customers, or just because you feel you should be. Having a clear purpose is crucial to building a successful social media presence.

At Hype Inc, we help brands navigate the fast-changing social media scene by helping them establish clear objectives and setting up cost-effective posting strategies. We offer professional design, image sourcing, and sharp copy. We can also provide comprehensive organic and paid social media management, including shopping integrations, targeted ads, online community development and timely monitoring of comments and direct messages.

Digital Marketing

Research tells us that about 81% of consumer purchases start with an online search. Being on page one of Google has never been more important.

Hype Inc has access to the latest research-based methodologies for effective search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. We can help you develop website content to improve your organic search results and run effective paid campaigns to boost leads and conversion rates.

Our team also specialises in creating and executing paid campaigns on social media that