Our Origin Story

An Italian, an Englishman and a Viking walk into a bar. That’s not a joke, it’s our origin story.

Hype Inc. is Ubaldo (Ubi) Formica, Chris Constantine and Joel Thorsen, we’ll let you work out who’s who in the story.

We worked on our first digital project together back in 2008, so yeah, we’ve been kicking the ball around the digital pitch for a while.

Chris is an accomplished graphic and digital designer who has directed marketing teams for national and international brands. Ubi brings more than 25 years of experience in marketing, media and business both in Australia and Europe. Joel is a digital marketing specialist who for the past 20 years has worked with many of Australia’s best-known brands to launch and grow their online presence.

So the three of us catch up over a beer (actually it was a very fine 2010 Barolo) and talked about how the combination of experience and talent was exactly what the world needed right now. Together we could save businesses from the plight of directionless branding, poor design and crappy websites. The idea of Hype Inc was sparked.

Hype means extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion. In a world of information overload, any branding or marketing activity without intensity is like whispering a secret.

In the words of Julius Caesar – we came, we saw, we hyped!

The Team

Hannah Blamey

General Manager

Ubaldo (Ubi) Formica

Brand Director

Christopher Constantine

Creative Director

Joel Thorson

Digital Marketing

Marcia Gatica


Audrey Hardha

Social Media

Miguel Marin

Web Developer

Vicki Lawler